Teen Nudist Pictures H & E Naturist Magazine Vol.84 No.11

Teen Nudist Pictures H & E Naturist Magazine Vol.84 No.11

Teen Nudist Pictures H & E Naturist Magazine Vol.84 No.11

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Title: Teen Nudist Pictures H & E Naturist Magazine Vol.84 No.11
Number: 11
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Not bad for first-time models, are they?

I’VE suffered from the eternal problem of naturist -photographers — how to get girls to model for you. I always prefer to use girls who are not professional models, rather than posers. But after you’ve used your girlfriend, your sister, your best frjend’s cousin and your youthful(-) looking auntie, the quest for new faces becomes heightened.
I can never understand women’s reactions. Whenever I’ve approached girls in miniscule (and I mean tiny) bikinis, they seem flattered and in almost all cases, willing to be photographed. They are sure I have recognised model potential and maybe I can set them on the road to fame and fortune.
Yet on a naturist beach, my attempts to persuade nude girls to model have been eyed with the greatest suspicion. ‘Pornographer’ is the silent accusation. Their eyes scream out sexist’, ot `opportunist’. Only a few seem to be flattered.
I’ve had irate ladies threaten me with the French gendarmerie — on a naturist beach! On the odd occasion when they spotted me with a telescopic lens, they’ve rushed out of the sea like Queen Boadicea brandishing their rolled-up rush mats, quite convinced I was singling them out. They must have had visions of appearing on the front cover of porn magazines, their billowing limbs blown up to immense proportions.
Now I don’t mean ant offence, but I am not in the business of shooting grannies from afar, without their knowledge. I do appreciate the beauty of a mature woman, but the only way to take a photograph of an older woman is to put her at ease. The results should look relaxed, sophisticated and charming. What woman looks at her best when she’s hunched over scrambling on spiky rocks, grey and grimacing? So for photos with an immediate appeal I stick to the young ones.

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