Sexploitation Educating Julie [1984] ジュリー[1984]を教育セクスプロイ



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One thought on “Sexploitation Educating Julie [1984] ジュリー[1984]を教育セクスプロイ

  1. “Educating Julie” is a fun movie, part documentary and part romance-comedy. It is by no means “sexploitation”. Lots of people of all ages and both sexes are seen nude throughout the entire picture, but none of that nudity is sexual.

    Fetching blond Gail Ward plays the title role of Julie, a British college student who researches nudism for her sociology class project. She visits several nudist resorts and interviews some of the members. That’s the documentary part.

    The romance-comedy part revolves around how Julie and her boyfriend cope with their differing attitudes toward nudism. She takes to it like a duck to water. He is somewhat reluctant to let it all hang out in public.

    Ward does not have a “movie star” face or figure, but she looks very good naked.

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