Retro Family Nudist Photos H & E International Magazine Vol.83 No.6

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Retro Family Nudist Photos H & E International Magazine Vol.83 No.6

Retro Family Nudist Photos H & E International Magazine Vol.83 No.6

Title: Retro Family Nudist Photos H & E International Magazine Vol.83 No.6
Number: 6
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About Retro Family Nudist Photos

Jane drafts an article Garrucha beach, Spain. Left – in the final Beauty contest line-up.

Right… 6 bags of crisps, 6 apples, 6 chocolate biscuits. . T.he girls burst into the kitchen shattering my train of thought. ‘Are we going to the Club again?’ ‘
Yes, it’s Fun Day. There’ll be loads of children to play with, games, you can go swimming.
I exuded enthusiam.
-We don’t want to go.’
I sighed. ‘O.K. 4 bags of 4 apples . Anyway, I should enjoy the whole day more ‘without the usual entourage of four children. The sun shone, it was perfect summer weather. Unfortunately, everyone else must have thought the same since each and every one of us arrived outside the Dartford Tunnel simultaneously. The boys got fidgety and moaned, we shouted at them, one of them grizzled – this part of journey to Eureka – always has been the awful part. After the tunnel it becomes a pleasant -more care-free drive —through pretty countryside. Eureka was the most crowded I had seen the place to date, but it was still easy to park under the trees. Bronzed bodies strolled about sporting well nurtured summer tans, and those bones of contention, the ‘single men’ were out in force, mingling with the crowds. I’d never have thought they were the evil creatures that some clubs tell me they are!
Cameras abounded everywhere, and I heard someone mention that the `television people’ were there. Eureka had really hit the big time! We settled down to eat our lunch before the real excitement of the day, but the temporary tranquility was soon interrupted by a confrontation between a photographer and an older man who was demanding to know if the former had sought anyone’s permission before taking a long shot from the depths of the field whilst the man with the camera protested that it was such a long distant shot no-one would be distinct. The argument continued, the elder man red-faced and overreactive, the photographer icily polite. Surely, I thought, people shouldn’t bother to come to Fun Day if they are so `anti’
photographs. I believe it is the only day of the year when photographers are allowed free rein. They really cannot be expected to ask several hundreds’ permission for a long shot!
A tall bearded man and a petite girl strugglred into the vicinity of the rostram viith trailing tripods, leads and boxes, donned headphones and started shouting instructions at each other — thotinh unfortunately none at their dog, who proceeded to eat someone’s sandwiches amongst other unmentionable anti-social activities. I assumed the couple to be the T.V. crew.
And all of a sudden, everyone clapped — Mark, who runs Eureka, and must be the whitest naturist out this year, stood on the platform. I had never seen him anywhere on the site before other than behind the Club bar, and apparently, last year he didn’t even get to compere the competitions, which I can’ t imagine taking place without his presence and dry humour. Meanwhile, a man came up and asked to take a photo.

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